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Gaza Calling

Via Sabbah’s Blog

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  1. Maxben

    It saddens me that I can’t feel anything for the Palestinians.

    I know it sounds insensitive, but I am Israeli and have had casualties in my family due to Hamas terrorism (one of my cousins had to grow up without a mother).

    Keep in mind that Gaza is currently controlled by Hamas. If so, why are only sympathetic characters shown? I am sure there are some (definitely not all, and I am not sure about most, but I doubt it) with guns and bombs ready to cause damage to innocent civilians, but that is wonderfully ignored.

  2. bryan

    @Maxben: it saddens me that you can’t feel anything for the Palestinians. And it saddens me that many Palestinians would not feel anything towards Israelis.
    You are correct, there are some that are willing to cause damage to innocent people. And yes, it is ignored but should not be.

    From either side, war is an ugly thing and I truly hope a way toward peace can be found not only there, but elsewhere.