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who will save these men?

The Sudanese government are holding 27 men believed to be “prisoners of conscience”. Amnesty International believe the men have been tortured and may be sentenced to death. The men are:

* Abdel Jalil al-Basha (m), Umma Reform and Renewal Party General Secretary
* Yaqoub Yahya (m), former army officer
* Kabbashi Khater Mohammed Ahmad (m), trader
* Tawer Osman Tawer (m), aged 58, former army officer
* Ahmad Salman (m), aged 35, secretary to Abdel Jalil al-Basha
* and 22 others held in Kober prison, Khartoum North, Sudan

The five men named above and 22 others are being held in the main section of Kober Prison in the capital, Khartoum. They were arrested on or soon after 14 July 2007 and have been tortured or ill-treated during prolonged incommunicado detention. A number of them have also been denied access to medical treatment.

All 27 defendants have been charged with a number of offences against the State including charges under Article 50 (Undermining the Constitutional System) and Article 51 (Waging War against the State) of the 1991 Penal Code. Both charges carry the possibility of the death penalty.

The so-called leader of the group, Mubarak al-Fadel al-Mahdi, President of the opposition Umma Reform and Renewal Party was released from prison on 1 December after charges against him were dropped. The General Secretary of the Party Abdel Jalil al-Basha remains in detention……….Continue

The men are all Sudanese and they are all Muslims. Who will come to their rescue? Will Muslim leaders from Britain’s Muslim community come to save them? Will Muslims stand outside the Sudanese embassy and carry placards saying “NOT IN OUR NAME”? Will the BBC, The Guardian and the The Sun print daily stories about what is happening to these men? Will thousands of British people march through the streets of London asking for their release? Will Friday prayers in Khartoum be followed by hundreds shouting for the release of the innocent? Will CNN make false reports about the numbers of people on the march eg hundreds instead of thousands or if it suits them, thousands instead of hundreds? – it doesn’t matter as long as the report serves the interest of the masters.

Who will save these men? Who will end death in Darfur?


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