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Books will fly through the air for children (Tag, you’re it!):  In honor of all those folks who’ve tagged me with memes (or are memes now all called “hooplas”?) this year and had to listen to me grumble, I’ve got a twist on the theme of meme. I read Doris Lessing’s Nobel speech through TIV’s blog — the speech where Ms. Lessing discussed the hunger for books in Africa — and it left me feeling weak.

And so Lori decided to do something about it. I encourage you first to read more, then to participate and make this venture successful. But let’s ask this, why would this realisation make Lori feel weak? Well, I suspect that she knows how in today’s world you’re as good as dead if you don’t possess knowledge in the form of information, after all, this is the Information Age.

Information is obtained at school from teachers (the knowers), but increasingly more and more from books (the knowledge carriers), and even more increasingly from the World Wide Web (knowledge). Poor people can’t afford school, and certainly can’t afford the Internet as we know it today. That leaves books.

If they can’t even get that, then it leaves people like Lori feeling cold, because then it means poor people are dead meat, and that’s literal. As for us who are more fortunate, we certainly can’t afford school and the Internet for everyone (well, some of us can’t), but we can surely afford books. This is a super project and I encourage you to support it. A heartfelt thanks to Lori and to all those who are taking part in this.

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  1. Some bloggers have said that Ms Lessing’s acceptance speech was racist and white supremacist. I’ve read it, and I disagree. The most contested statement is perhaps the one where she says today’s writing Africans got there with books provided by the coloniser.

    While that is not entirely true, I do not find it offensive. And I certainly do not want to lambaste every statement that mentions race, without take into account the message behind the statement. Voila.