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Can we pass?

Annie has been in Martinique as part of her comparative literature degree and though we have been in touch regularly this is the first post she has sent. I miss her writings but she is keeping a diary and hopefully she will find the time and space to share some of her experiences in the future. Meanwhile here is the poem she asked me to post for her.

Can we Pass?

When they see you they will be shocked
They will stop you so that they can touch you
Rub off some of what makes you
You will not pass

Will not
Pass under the inky swirls of my pen
Excuse me may I touch you?
You feel so good to me
Me and mine
Passing everyday through the carbon chambers that
Stop the miner’s breath
And we too are earth
Should we not also pass through the cleansing waters of assimilation
Or will my one drop contaminate?

Please I have heard that they will let me pass now
They told me at the Agency
We need you here for ourselves so
Walk this way please, talk like that,
Over here through this hoop while we
Your papers in this shredder
Sprinkled pieces of peace on a taught sea

See, I told you I no longer shock them
Excuse me can I pass?

© A Quarcoopome


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  1. Thanks for posting Sokari. I am in a really strange place right now and it is not easy to post from where I am. Maybe when I leave Martinique…I wonder what my life will be like then. De toute facon, I hope everyone is doing well. Happy 2008