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For those who have been closely monitoring the events in Kenya over the past two weeks, political activist and author of the Kenyan Democracy Project blog, Onyango Oloo has written an excellent analysis of the opposing political consensus in Kenya. From the progressive side is the view that a “civilian coup with increasingly fascist tendencies” has taken place and set in motion a rage from the poor masses who have turned their betrayal and anger against each other in a frenzy of ethnic based violence which if not stopped “threatens the very notion of Kenya.” The treat is not just to Kenya but also for the major capitalist players…..

6. The major players in the capitals of capital- from Condoleeza Rice at the US State Department, to David Miliband the British Foreign Secretary to their counterparts and opposite numbers in Ottawa, Canberra, Paris, Berlin and elsewhere are concerned that the current unrest could degenerate into something that they cannot control or to a situation that threatens the economic and geopolitical strategic interests of international global monopoly capital;

From the reactionary and soft side which also has populist tendencies and which many of the mainstream media voices in Kenya, Africa and the West are proponents as well as many blogging voices. The Western media in particular have as usual failed to move much beyond a “tribal” depiction of the violence. Oloo writes…

there is a desperate fight back to revise the reality of the recent developments and create a counter-discourse that is characterized by the following hall marks:

(a) A strident attempt to force a shot gun marriage between Raila Odinga and Mwai Kibaki that will effectively legitimize the December 30th civilian coup and undermine the potency of Raila’s popular, national democratic bedrock of support around the country;

(b) A dishonest attempt to broker “peace” without paying attention to the blatant injustices perpetrated on the Kenya people by the stealing of the presidential election;

Returning to the ethnic violence that has been unleashed and who exactly is responsible for murders, rape and maiming of Kenyan citizens, Oloo raises the issue of charges of genocide which are entering into the discourse when the reality is that the majority of violence has been carried out by the state.

In my opinion, I think it is RECKLESS and DISHONEST to further inflame passions in the already taut Kenyan crisis by making sweeping statements about genocide in Kenya whereas the facts seems to suggest that among the poor in the cities and countryside there have been widespread criminal acts of murder, rape, looting, plunder and even ethnic cleansing TARGETING specific tribes among them the Agikuyu, especially in the Rift Valley.

This ethnic targeting include the case of a Kikuyu mob torching houses in Kikuyu Township inhabited by Luhyas and non-GEMA communities; Kisiis being singled out for allegedly voting for the President; Luos in Kibera and elsewhere being killed and forcibly circumcised by gangs allegedly associated with the dreaded Mungiki sect.

All of these ethnic specific terror attacks are reprehensible and should be condemned by ALL Kenyans irrespective of their political affiliations.

In other words it is patently DISHONEST to suggest that it is only the Agikuyu who are being targeted………………

The highest number of deaths has been caused by the STATE itself, working at the behest of masterminds who want to “protect” the illegal Kibaki usurpation.

Judging the bullet riddled bodies in hospitals across the country, it is clear that it is the police and the paramilitary who are responsible for most of the killings so far.

Oloo concludes with what I see as a transformational opportunity for Kenyans at this juncture in their history. He suggests that patriotic Kenyans rise above the interests of imperialism, create their own vision of democracy, expose the narrow agenda of the mainly PNU led, “tiny Kenyan comprador/petit bourgeois business elite”. Finally he calls for an intensive campaign in Kenya and the Kenyan Diaspora whose single focus is the removal of Mwai Kibaki.

We as progressive, patriotic and democratic Kenyans must immediately do the groundwork to form A NATIONAL MOVEMENT built on the four cornerstones of PEACE, DEMOCRACY, TRUTH and JUSTICE.

The bedrock of this movement should be Kenya’s youth, the women, all democrats and anti-imperialists and not forgetting the huge community of patriotic Kenyans abroad.

This movement should be publicly launched before the end of January 2008 and it should have as it main immediate goal:

The removal of the illegal Kibaki civilian junta which usurped power during the infamous December 30th Coup.

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  1. After the United States statement that both sides “might” have tampered with the results my respect for my countries international efforts dropped even further. The West wants peace so it can do business and is not interested in an Africa that is filled with independent democratic republics. Hopefully Kibaki’s incompetence and Kenya’s regional importance will force the world to push for a truly democratic regime in the nation.

  2. What is happening in Kenya is such a shame, I am so upset and disappointed. What Kenya needs is democracy. That is the only long term solution to the current problems.