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At the beginning of a project like this the technology portion can seem to be the hardest to get off the ground. In the end, it’s just the tool, and the hard work will come from people in the field who are working with NGO’s to keep this information accurate and to chronicle as much of it as they can. If you want to help, get in touch with Daudi or Ory to get started.

When all the dust settles from this in Kenya, don’t be one of the ones saying, “I should have done something”.



  1. Sokari, thanks so much for letting people know about Ushahidi. We’re really hoping that everyone will let their friend and family back home in Kenya about it.

    We only launched yesterday, but are seeing thousands of people hit the website already. We’re hoping that with the new SMS functionality, that we’ll see even more submissions from Kenya.

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    What you have put together in such a short period of time is brilliant and I am happy that we are all working together on this one which is as it should be.

  3. Sokari, as always, your posts are right on target! I have linked back to two of them from my blog:

    May 2008 be another banner year for Black Looks and for you and your co-bloggers!

    Peaceful Blessings!
    Dave Lucas

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