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Calling Maya Angelou a “ho”

Someone apparently thinks Dr. Maya Angelou is a “ho” because she supports Mrs Clinton and not Mr. Obama. Hmmm. I know this will generate hits for them, but who knows, maybe you can scold them, or tell someone else to scold them, your congressman, for example, could turn into an effective scolder, or blog shutter. Whatever comes to mind. For indeed, truly, this is stupid.


  1. Den@rhs

    Hi Rethabile, I was surprised to have a link from this Blog take me to your “Someone” link; I guess I just don’t get all the interest about “stars” and their lives where ever they hail from. I don’t think I would have ever come across the comment about Maya Angelou without coming here.

    I do enjoy this Blog and have learned much and am open to learning why that was important to bring to our attention.


  2. Sokari

    Den@rhs – You mean you cannot figure out why this is worth bringing to your attention? Words fail me!

  3. I think that I say in the post what could be done, which is one reason I posted about this. Something must be done, of course, right? The second is just to let Blacklooks readers know what is out there, which is part of why BL exists.

    Why the second reason? Because calling someone as respectable as Ms Angelou a “ho” is out of line. She’s respectable, elderly, and hasn’t done a thing to warrant this kind of attack.

    Ted Kennedy has endorsed Mr Obama, what does that make Ted? For you see, Ms Angelou is expected to vote black because she’s black, and when she doesn’t “she a ho.” That shocks and disturbs the heck out of me, and I wanna share that with Blacklooks readers.

  4. Den@rhs

    Hello Rethabile and Sokari,

    I truly think it is horrifying to have Maya Angelou called any names showing disrespect and for sure get how ridiculous their reasoning was. I came upon the post from Mashada’s Blog roll and I was curious that this comment would be given legs on this site, which links all over the world for its good works and from a source such as the “Bossip” site.

    I agree sharing things on Blacklooks is important; I admit I only gave the “Bossip” site a very short glance but I did not get the impression that this would be going any further than that site. I am a tad elderly myself but I will look at the site again and I thank you for taking the time to express why you shared this here.

    All the Best, Den

  5. Even though there are sites that have not called Maya Angelou a “ho,” they have made disparaging remarks about her, because of her support for Sen. Clinton. Other blacks who are supporting Sen. Clinton are catching flack from some black bloggers. This certainly is a trend.

    I also got some weird pop ups at the Bossip site, screwed up my browser trying to close them out.

  6. Sokari

    Hathor @ I believe the African American population is quite polarised between the Obama and Clinton camps. It is interesting to see which well known activists, writers and celebrities are supporting who in this race for the democratic candidate. I was very surprised for example to hear that Harry Belafonte had come out against Obama as well as Ms Angelou. Speaking to a few African American friends one issue seems to be Obama’s Kenyan/African background where he is not seen as an “authentic” African American with the associated history of slavery and civil rights. It is unfortunate that the polarisation is taking place but also refreshing to see so many white people coming out in support of him. As for the Bossip site, I am not surprised it screwed up your browser – it is a screwed up site to say the least.

  7. Ana

    I had a black co-worker say to me that some blacks are saying that the country is not ready for a black president.I asked her how they were able to figure that out.

    It upsets me when black people are unfair to other blacks and then give nonsensical analysis for an explanation. I told my co-worker that Obama has the qualifications to run for president ; and if it is not the time for Obama, it is also not the time for Hillary, McCain and the others.Why are we so oppressive to one another is a question that needs to be answered?

    Some blacks are loyal to the Clintons, and it’s fine because this is the nature of politics,while others are embracing Obama.But to become nasty and offensive because some members of the community are split between the two candidates is foolish.

    Regarding Maya Angelou,let’s face the truth, some elements of the African American community have lost all level of respect and civility.To disrespect any woman, especially one of the stature of Ms. Angelou- a living momument of the black world, is to really have fallen into barbarism.As a black person, I am very proud of Obama.If I vote for him, it would be based on his platform.His race wouldn’t have anything to do with my vote.I live in NY city, super Tuesday is here and I am still undecided.I think I will make my decision when I enter the booth tomorrow.