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Coalition of African Lesbians


The Coalition of African Lesbians (CAL) are holding their annual conference in Maputo, Mozambique with the main aim of highlighting discrimination and homophobia against lesbians in Africa.

Dawn O‚ÄôReilly of the Forum for the Empowerment of Women discusses the possibility of Jacob Zuma becoming the next President of South Africa and how this would impact on women’s rights.


  1. What do you think of what is said in the article about his dangerous ignorance of the issues of Black lesbians, rape victims and HIV positive wimmin? Do you think he’s a threat? Are there other candidates that people can or should support if they cannot in all conscience support him?

  2. Comment by post author


    DD @ I definitely believe Zuma is ignorant about these issues but worse I question whether he has the will or interest to enter into discussions with Black lesbians. He has repeatedly shown an arrogant and dismissive attitude towards women in general and lesbians in particular and as such is most definitely a threat. As the leader of the ANC and possibly the next president, his attitude shown at the rape trial and since can be seen as condoning violence against women and lesbians.

    Regarding viable alternatives – I am not sufficiently familiar with South African politics to comment but personally anyone but Zuma who is the worst possible option.