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Mapping Zimbabwe

I had to rewrite this post as weird things were happening with the formatting.

Zimbabwe goes to the elections on Saturday 29th March and there doesn’t seem to be much optimism about the ultimate outcome. According to Sokwanele talk of rigging is dominating the election discussion

All election talk in Zimbabwe revolves around rigging: a certainty that Mugabe has rigged and is doing his best to rig the elections; what tricks has he up his sleeve this time; what has he said to SADC to persuade them to look past the fraud; can we hope the police and army and teachers etc in the polling stations will blow the whistle and reveal the truth?

Step outside the bizarre world we live in and it strikes me as incredible to be facing elections and this is all we talk about. But what else would it be?

Sokwanele have created a series of graphics along with their “Election Watch” series and also this Google map to show election breaches.