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I just read this morning that a true sista, supporter and inspiration to all her friends and readers, BrownFemiPower has shut down her blog. Devious Diva, another sista blogger explains why

My good friend and inspiration, brownfemipower, has taken down her blog. The reasons are complicated if you haven’t been following. They are simple if you have.

It started with three small words but those words had a whole history behind them that some people chose to ignore or trivialise.

Soon after that, a blogger who should know better chose not to credit bfp for being a source, an inspiration, a catalyst for her article.

Only new, inexperienced bloggers do not link. You only have to have been reading blogs for about five minutes to realise that links are important But this is not just about blogging.

This is about being ignored, marginalised, trivialised and hurt. Again.

Please read this incredible post from Problem Chylde*** which breaks down the whole issue far better than I could. An amazing work of love and impeccable research. The links in the main body of the post are to bfp’s work which is now down.

I feel full of sadness and anger that a beautiful inspiring woman of colour should be hurt in this way – much love to you dear friend and the memories of your words and the short time we spent together last summer will remain precious in my mind. The blogosphere is surely less of a place without your voice!

And while I am at it I’ll echo the words of Kevin over at Slant Truth –

I’m sick and tired of Obama supporters and Cllinton supporters—the hardcore partisan ones at least. You’ve all managed to turn the Oppression Olympics into the Oppression Wars. Nice that. If this is progressivism, I think I’ll go hang elsewhere.



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  1. I have read several blogs that have mentioned this, but they failed to give the details of why BrownFemiPower was shutting down.

    I thank you for this info.

    On a couple of occasions I have seen a phrase that I have written, used in the same context on other blogs. I think those bloggers had read my blog. It was not enough to count as plagiarism, but it was enough to bother me. I think part of the reason I was not linked to, the blogger didn’t want to be linked with my ideas.

    This is not new on the blogosphere. Even when using links the proper attribution may be lost, because many bloggers don’t do enough research to find the original source.