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no fish for oil

Sweet crude for shell, bitter oil for people

Part 2


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  1. anengiyefa

    Within just over 3 decades, environmental degradation in the Delta region has been unspeakable. I have witnessed it myself. It is unfortunate that it took the unsavoury activities of militants to bring this matter to light. And about time too.

    I often hear Nigerians from other parts of the country blame the indegenes of the Delta for their plight. They say the Delta indegenes are lazy and unenterprising. What people seen to forget is that the Delta indegenes have for a long time been unfairly denied opportunities that their fellow Nigerians in other parts of the country have taken for granted.

    The ancestors of these people have lived off this land for centuries, but within just a few short decades, this has become almost impossible to do. What makes me angry is that the econony of the whole country is totally dependent on this petroleum oil that has damaged their environment, and it is only fair and just that the indegenes of the Delta be adequately compensated. (With the emphasis on ADEQUATELY)