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When we get cholera we must be educated about washing our hands when in fact we need clean water.

No one is illegal – Abahlali baseMjondolo comment on the Xenophobic Attacks in Johannesburg

We condemn the attacks, the beatings, rape and murder, in Johannesburg on people born in other countries. We will fight left and right to ensure that this does not happen here in KwaZulu-Natal.

We have been warning for years that the anger of the poor can go in many directions. That warning, like our warnings about the rats and the fires and the lack of toilets, the human dumping grounds called relocation sites, the new concentration camps called transit camps and corrupt, cruel, violent and racist police, has gone unheeded.

Let us be clear. Neither poverty nor oppression justify one poor person turning on another. A poor man who turns on his wife or a poor family that turn on their neighbours must be opposed, stopped and brought to justice. But the reason why this happens in Alex and not Sandton is because people in Alex are suffering and scared for the future of their lives. They are living under the kind of stress that can damage a person. The perpetrators of these attacks must be held responsible but the people who have crowded the poor onto tiny bits of land, threatened their hold on that land with evictions and forced removals, treated them all like criminals, exploited them, repressed their struggles, pushed up the price of food and built too few houses, that are too small and too far away and then corruptly sold them must also be held responsible……………..Continued.

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  1. Abahlali never cease to amaze me with how progressive they are in thought and action.

    Mwangi – the Displaced Africans last blog post..The Top 7 Places An Immigrant Spends their Time

  2. “We condemn the attacks, the beatings, rape and murder.”

    Of course we condemn all this sh*t. Everybody should. Terrible period for southern Africa. I don’t hear SADC countries yelling. I don’t hear the Lesotho government expressing its anger at this. Where is our government?

    Rethabiles last blog post..RSA xenophobia

  3. Comment by post author


    Mwangi @ Ditto if we could organise this across the continent………there would be some hope!

    Rethabile @ the leaders are like ponds of stagnant water forming a chain of silence far away from realities.

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    Seleriness last blog post..India : Are foreigners safe??????

  5. The root causes for this savagery is the failure of leadership and until that problem is resolved in the 3rd world, headlines like

    37 killed in caste riots in India

    will continue to haunt us all. Fifteen demonstrators died in Sikandra town when police fired live ammunition and tear gas to halt rioting, and a police officer was also beaten to death. Gujjars are considered part of the second-lowest group, known as Other Backward Classes, a step up from the Scheduled Tribes and Castes.

    As the death toll in two weeks of anti-foreigner violence reached 50, the actors in this drama must be brought to book. President Thabo Mbeki is to step down at the end of his second term in 2009. His disgraced and sacked his deputy, Jacob Zuma, succeeded him as party leader and therefore has a strong chance of becoming the next president. The future of SA is bleak indeed.

    Beautys last blog post..The Greed Game? The smart game!

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