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End-of-June Zimbabwe links

  • (Obama speaks out):
    US presidential candidate Barack Obama said on Wednesday the international community must do more to try to help resolve Zimbabwe’s political crisis, and to put pressure on Robert Mugabe, who is clinging to power. He singled out South Africa as one country that needs to apply more pressure on Mugabe, 84, who has refused to step down.
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  • (Considering the options left):
    Not only has Mugabe boasted that it is God that can remove the state of Zimbabwe from his claws, more or less telling the opposition that the presidency is not open, yet, Even the MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is laying low as a refuge at the Dutch Embassy in Harare.
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  • (UN Chief urges justice for victims):
    The United Nations human rights chief today called for justice and accountability in response to the campaign of political violence that has marred Zimbabwe’s electoral process. The Southern African nation has been beset by deadly unrest since the first round of the presidential election on 29 March. The violence and intimidation led to the withdrawal of Morgan Tsvangirai, of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), from the 27 June run-off in which he was set to face President Robert Mugabe.
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  • (Is Britain considering military intervention?):
    Britain has drawn up two contingency plans for military action in Zimbabwe, a newspaper reported on Tuesday. BUt the government insisted military intervention is not being considered. The Times reported that two plans have been drafted by Britain’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) following a request from the department’s crisis management team.
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  • (Soyinka says let’s remove Mugabe):
    Listen to the interview on the BBC here. Soyinka’s statement comes as the embattled opposition Movement for Democratic Change announced today it was withdrawing from the run-off election this Friday, on June 27.
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  • (Guerilla intervention?):
    Wole Soyinka thinks Mugabe should be whipped off the throne [source]. And I think he should, too. There is no oil in Zimbabwe, so the Occident isn’t gonna go rushing in to save the day. It would in any case have been a bad idea. So the West is out on this one, except for yelling from a distance.
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  • (New Frontline States):
    For southern African leaders meeting in Swaziland under the auspices of the Southern African Development Community (Sadc), the election crisis in Zimbabwe may be proving a headache. But the grouping has its origins in dealing with intransigent regimes, as it was set up during the struggle to end white rule across southern Africa.
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  • (Mandela speaks out/with video):
    Former South African leader Nelson Mandela has added his voice to the growing international condemnation of the political violence in Zimbabwe. In his first public comments about the crisis, he noted “the tragic failure of leadership” of President Robert Mugabe.
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  • (Mbeki calls for negotiations/with video):
    South African President Thabo Mbeki has called for negotiations between Mugabe’s party and the MDC.
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  • (Hear Zimbabweans speak):
    Lance Guma speaks to political analysts Brian Kagoro and Dr Alex Magaisa, who debate the options for intervention by the United Nations, the African Union and SADC in the crisis. The programme also explores whether Zimbabweans have mortgaged their fate to the hands of outsiders, while doing nothing themselves.