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International Carnival of Positives – Final Edition

This is my second and sadly the final edition of what has been an excellent series of posts and debates on HIV/AIDS. Ron Hudson who started the ICP has decided to end the Carnivals….

It is with relief and sadness that I have decided to allow the International Carnival of Pozitivities to come to an end with our next and final edition in June of 2008. I have made many wonderful friends in the past two years and have been fortunate to learn the life-stories of some amazing people and their efforts to end the stigma of HIV/AIDS around the world. I am truly grateful to the contributors and hosts who have blessed my life with their kindness and encouragement. I hope that you will continue to blog about HIV/AIDS and keep alive the spirit of the ICP. I am very proud of our efforts and the outcome that you see on this site today. I will leave the ICP homepage available for people to access in the future, but there will be no further editions after June, 2008.

As always, I wish you the peace that I wish for myself.

Ron Hudson

Thanks to Ron for bringing us the Carnival over the past two years and I wish him peace and safe journey through his life.

I will begin with Ron’s post on the passing of his mother.

I owe my visitors an explanation. I lost a huge part of my life this month. I have not been writing anything of my own for some time now and am just reaching a point where I can tell you why.

My mom had a stroke between Thanksgiving Day and the first week of December of last year.

And a poem by Dee-Elle called “Mama Dos Dos” [Dee-Elle also writes at “Red Whyld N Blu”

you spread your arms to shade
the damage done by the sitter’s sons
i could not understand those boys
beating stick against the defenseless palms
but i could forget with my feet
small enough on your back
kicking off the day long worry over

Slimconomy asks why rapid HIV testing is failing in Canada

It’s been several years now since rapid HIV tests entered the market with FDA approval; first OraSure, then MedMira, then Trinity and BioRad and now Inverness. Yet we still haven’t seen the growth in use (and subsequent sales for the manufacturers) as we should by now.

Nata Village goes from strength to strength and here the village elders are honoured.

At the handing over ceremony in Maposa, all the village elders were asked to stand and everyone recognized them. This gentleman pictured above was one of the eldest members of the village so he was asked to share the history of Maposa.

The Aids Pandemic travels to Mwandi, Zambia and reports on HIV transmission

The incidence of HIV in the village is around 30-40% and the percentage of HIV positive people is larger within the Mission Hospital patient population according to interviews with medical officers on the hospital staff.

blabbeando reports on the passing of HIV/AIDS immigration activist Richard Sandman

A sweet low-key kinda guy who truly helped hundreds of HIV positive and LGBT immigrants gain political asylum in the United States, Richard was truly an unsung hero. He was somewhat comfortable with the Spanish language which surprised me a bit until I found out his family was from Mexico. Still, as always, he would underplay just how much Spanish he knew and was self-depreciating about his language abilities.

A mutual friend tells me he was so dedicated to his work that few people truly got to know him. By all accounts, though, many seemed to love the guy and recognize his unselfishness in dedicating his life’s work to the issue of immigration.

Black Aids comments on the lack of government funding for HIV/AIDs and the conditions imposed by the US

The United States has promised money for the AIDS pandemic that the United Nations has called the world’s worst health crisis. But the United States won’t deliver any money unless the country, the program, the people or the recipients of the U.S. aid subscribe to the insane policy of “abstinence only!”

Evolution of Jeremiah shares a letter he received from a gay positive man who lives in Miami.

The person you are has no meaning to them unless you have something “they” want. I am no pretty boy nor a gym bunny, I am just an average Joe who happens to be gay. I learned and personally experienced the ” self -discrimination” and “self-destruction” the gay “community” is self inflicting. There is no community, there are only “clubs or cliques………The gay community needs to grow up first and leave high school behind.”

Aids-Write comments on the lack of information around Hepatitis – May 19th was “World Hepatitis Awareness Day”

In the United States, the statistics are staggering. There are an estimated 6 million people with the hepatitis B or C virus. Most Americans living with hepatitis C are unaware of their infection. Chronic viral hepatitis is the leading cause of liver cancer, now among the top 10 killers of Americans over the age of 25. In addition, around 30 percent of people living with HIV are co-infected with hepatitis C, and end-stage liver disease is now a leading cause of death for people with HIV/AIDS.

Aurora-Rayne who is part of a drug study, gives an update on her drug treatment and the happenings and the love in her life.

i love so much that we laugh together. she is the world in my eyes and i see the love reflect in hers. sighhhh. oh and did i mention my baby took third in the national arm wrestling competition? oh yeah! she says it was years ago but hell ill take that. im going to try and get a picture or two up of her so that you can all see the magical wonderful person i have described here so you can see she is after all truly human and not some imaginary goddess i have conjured…lol. i am happy, i am blissful, i am soo completly content.

stephenlewisfdtn video post on AIDS orphans in Africa

Drop Dead Happy comments on blaming others for our actions

In my Pozitive Speaking presentation which I have shared with hundreds, or more, I admit I was infected even before we had the name of H.I.V. and when asked who Infected me I reply “I did, because even in those days when we didn’t know much about this dis-ease I was the one playing with my life my injecting drugs. I knew of other risks but no matter the knowledge at that time – I did this to myself”.

NotPerfectAtAll comments on her experience and the impact of religion on her life

I was busy with living, with learning to socialize, with spending time with men platonically, more often than not, with learning an art of flirting that didn’t lead to being taken there and there, with seeing humans – often with shadows, often threatening, but human nonetheless.

Carlton Entertainment Ministry
reports on the “spoken word performance” by Emanuel Andre Stanley called MONSTER

NOTE: June is the month that we’re launching our campaign to promote HIV/ AIDS awareness and the National Christian Film Tour. After our film tour releases the first four videos on the front page of the Omega Vision Studios website, we will start accepting submissions for consideration from film makers (who have produced inspirational, faith-based, true story and socially-conscious films and documentaries like Bill Duke’s Faces of HIV”) to add to our distribution network/chain.

Degree Com on a distance learning programme for chronically ill students

A distance education degree offers excellent opportunities for these students. They do not have to leave the comfort of their own homes to walk into a hostile classroom and take an exam. If they are hospitalized or not feeling well, the flexibility provided by on line degree programs allows them to catch up on coursework when they feel better. Furthermore, students aren’t visibly reminded of their “differences.” They are more able to interact with peers and professors naturally and without inhibitions, fears of cruel comments, or uncivil behavior.

The AIDS Pandemic
comments on HIV/AIDS policy in China

The government’s AIDS policy is superficial. It cannot really be implemented. There is a saying in the countryside. The village tells lies to the township government; the township tells lies to the county government; the county tells lies to the state council; the state council issues a document; the document is read by all levels of the government. After they finish reading it, they go into a restaurant, and the document is never put into practice.

kickin tina posts a piece from the newsletter “Strength in numbers

today i am sharing the newsletter i have been working on with the SIN tribe. it’s our second edition, and i think the guys have done quite an admirable job. there are so many people who work on this and it is really a feeling of accomplishment to have it done. now, i can’t wait for the next one.

Another Video post, this one from “funscenes” on condoms

Finally from Black Looks, the arrest of Ugandan LGBT activists in Kampala who were protesting against comments made by the head of the Ugandan AIDS Commission

On 2 May 2008, Kihumuro Apuuli, Director General of the Uganda AIDS Commission, stated that “gays are one of the drivers of HIV in Uganda, but because of meagre resources we cannot direct our programmes at them at this time.” The SMUG activists staged a peaceful protest at the HIV Implementers meeting to protest the Minister’s statements and gross neglect on the part of the Ugandan government in responding to a growing HIV epidemic among the country’s LGBT community.



  1. rod

    just wanted to thank you for hosting the final ICP. It looks beautiful and is definitely bittersweet. the vid you posted is both eye opening and disturbing, and needs to be seen.
    again, thank you for your valiant effort here.

    rods last blog post..someone to watch over me

  2. ken gichaba

    The ICP is a great site and i hope someone will pick from where Ron has left.
    I wish somebody would pick the cue.

  3. 76Wine

    Hi I heard of your place from Langisms on MSN and turned many of my friends onto it ever since. It’s a really great thing and all my best wishes to Ron and all the other supporters.

  4. Hi Sokari,

    Thank you so much for hosting this final edition of the ICP. You have done the project a great service and your work here is beautiful. I am also very happy to count you among my friends.

    I am truly grateful to all of the hosts and contributors who have made this project a success. If anyone would like to start up a new blog carnival for HIV/AIDS, I would be happy to offer my suggestions.

    Take care!


    Ron Hudsons last blog post..The final edition of the ICP