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“Returns Directive” immigration policy with the lowest common denominator

On June 17th & 18th the EU will vote on the proposed anti-immigration legislation”Returns Directive” which will enable member states to:

Detain and deport migrants including vulnerable people, unaccompanied minors (under 18 years of age) and pregnant women.
Expel unaccompanied minors and other migrants to a country where they have neither family nor legal support.
Ban an expelled migrant from re-entering any part of the EU for up to 5 years. Detain non-EU migrants for up to 18 months.

In an open letter to the EU, Bolivilan President, Evo Morales challenges the “Returns Directive” and Europe’s anti-immigration attitudes and legislation within the context of European imperialism and migration over the past 500 years. [In Spanish]

Europeans arrived en masse in the countries of Latin America and North America, without visas or conditions imposed by the authorities. They were always welcome, and they continue to be, in our countries on the American continent, which therefore absorb the economic misery of Europe and its political crises. They came to our continent to exploit its wealth and transfer it to Europe, with a very high cost for America’s original population. Such is the case in our Cerro Rico, in Potosi, where the fabulous silver mines provided the European continent its coinage from the 16th to the 19th centuries. The goods and personal rights of the European migrants were always respected.

Today the European Union is the main destination for the world’s migrants, as a consequence of its positive image as an area of prosperity and public freedom. The vast majority of the migrants come to the EU to contribute to this prosperity, not to take advantage of it. They occupy jobs in public works, construction, personal services and hospitals, which Europeans can’t or don’t wish to fill. They contribute to the European continent’s dynamic demographic, to maintaining the relationship between the active and inactive that in turn makes possible its generous systems of social security, internal market stimulation and social cohesion. Migrants offer a solution to the EU’s demographic and financial problems

As far as the UK is concerned many of above measures are already taking place and this will add to the criminalisation and internment of immigrants. As things stand right now it is near impossible for asylum seekers to seek legal representation or medical assistance whilst in detention – see here and here and here.

Links: Carta abierta de Evo Morales a propósito de la “directiva retorno” de la UE



  1. Its all gone crazy with the Irish NO and that is the current problem in Europe. Evo Morales should wake up to partnering with the opposition in order not to loose Bolivia’s wealthy region of Santa Cruz. He seemed to have left a back door for the rapists that continue to take their oil wealth. As for others, why is it wrong to ask them all to clean up their backwater countries in order to attract their people to stay home?

    These may sound terrible in the face of new unjust laws but people must begin to re-address the root causes of the injustices at home before embarking on taking on strangers.

    OK, you may have my head now.

    Beautys last blog post..Who is Ms. Amina Ibrahim?

  2. I do not know aout you but this I know that…”We are indeed in troubled times and the gates and the way are becoming rough(er) and narrower; we may not have anywhere else to go, other than the motherland. It is time we start making our beds the way it will suit us to lie on, in the days to come. Europe is coming, they are uniting, the doors are closing; when it is looked in, the cleansing will start. It is time to clean out or get cleaned”.

  3. Comment by post author


    Beauty @ beg to differ on “Evo Morales should wake up to partnering with the opposition in order not to loose Bolivia’s wealthy region of Santa Cruz.” Hopefully he will win the referendum and the matter will be laid to rest and the “wealthy” can piss off to Miami along with the anti castro Cubans and and anti-chavis Venezuelans leaving the indigenous people to get on building a new Bolvia! AND NOW FOR YOUR HEAD MATE:)

    Which way @ true so we will have a world where the only people who move are the rich – the west will fall apart without its cheap labour and once this runs out expect a “repeal” of said legislation. I live in London and I dont see any English people sweeping streets, caring for elderly, cleaning offices and houses – the list goes on! This is political pandering to right wing racists and doesnt bear up to reality.

  4. 55% of all Black males in London, 18-24 years old, are out of work in Britain is how How Ms CYPRAH puts it in her excellent article How Black People Lose out in the Wealth Stakes. It is a view that I do not share since she is relating racism to unemployment. Suggesting that Britain today’s non indigenous youth unemployment is based on race is a claim that I cannot accept. Britain is a society where racial diversity is supported, understood, valued and respected which also enjoy equality of opportunity and equal protection. Racism is just that and unemployment is another.

    The root causes of immigration includes unemployment. The EU is not creating new jobs and we are expected to take good roles according to Ms Cyprah while unemployment affects all. Why continue in a fruitless game? Change the game and everyone wins. Immigration from rich to poor countries in the past 30 years has been due to corruption in any language and until we begin to win that war. Building an infrastructure from Bunabumali (Uganda) to Zhouzhuang (China) takes transparency and the rule of law. Those are key and that is the noble fight.

    Beautys last blog post..Who is Ms. Amina Ibrahim?

  5. Excellent letter from a President voicing concerns about law that is being taken by elected representatives from several countries. That is just it, these people are not rulers, they were elected and their people have in effect given away their rights to these people in order to represent them. Are these the people Evo Morales Ayma, President of the Republic of Bolivia should be addressing?

    1. Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state. 2. Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.

    are noble words but just like everywhere else where a process of decolonisation is blamed for all ills, it is time to get real and fight to bring about immediate change at home. What is stopping him? Is he a leader without power? Most immigrants live in affluent countries on very little just like back home but if the home countries were to get a little bit creative and turn around the rot, people might begin to return. Rather than fighting Europe’s new unjust laws, I would rather we look for ways to extract maximum benefits out of countries that remove our wealth and label us immigrants.

    Oil prices have soared from under $40pb to records of $140pb in 2008 but the poor suppliers have become poorer is stupid. How about $1T infrastructure development tax on all multinationals? That will surely affect their fat bonuses and wake them up to the type of suffering that turned people into immigrants. We must all unite to fight a common enemy, the bankers, and writing to the shareholders that keep us poor is not going to achieve a lot. Is El Presidente serious about doing something? He is, after all a President of a country.

    Beautys last blog post..Who is Ms. Amina Ibrahim?