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The road to happiness is long – could be thousands of miles, if you persevere you may get there, BUT


Perils of lies will await you on the roadside, watch your front and back, turn sideways and round in a circle. Look to the sky, this is the home of ancestors with their eyes of ten thousand splendid suns watching over you.

Beware of “enemies” in the shape of “friends”, you have to look INSIDE and walk on your toes……… Take chances but be wise and watch watch watch.


At the end of the thousands of miles you walked to find happiness, you may find the land is not so sweet, the people not so welcoming. Too late, dear child you cannot go home, not yet at any rate. Dont take off your shoes because you will have to run and run damn fast. When you do, just keep looking to the sky.


Thanks to Lance for his drawings which always stretch the imagination.



  1. Wow is all I could add to this experience of life. Is this comment helpful? I know about what others have said that was useful to me. What more can they take?

    Letting go is the inner action that releases the fear and upset. The moment you let go, everything seems to change. With the fear and upset gone, you see your situation very differently. You become creative and discover solutions that you could never have seen before.

    To let go, you need to do the opposite of fighting and resisting. You need to let go of your demands and expectations for how life should be and make peace with the way life is.

    To make letting go a little easier, there are several steps you can take. The first is trusting. Trust that no matter what happens, you will be okay. When you know that you will be okay, letting go becomes relatively easy.

    Trusting is also telling the truth. You really will be okay no matter what happens. Life is only threatening when you resist. So stop resisting and trust. Trust that no matter what happens, you will be okay.

    The second step in the process of letting go is to be willing to feel your hurt. Be willing to feel all the hurt and the feelings of being not okay that your circumstances reactivate. Be willing to feel the hurt of being worthless or not good enough.

    The avoidance of this hurt is what makes you resist. Once you are willing to feel this hurt, the need to resist disappears. You can then let go.

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    Excellent advice Beauty!