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Appalling homophobia

My first reaction was “here we go again” but this is far worse. I’m referring to an article in the South African Sunday Sun “Call me names but gay is NOT OK”. The article by Jon Qwelane – which includes a despicable cartoon equating same sex relationships with bestiality, calls for a rewriting of the SA constitution and the criminalisation of same-sex relationships.


Given the increasing number of attacks – murder, rape, beatings – against lesbians this article is outrageous and irresponsible and does nothing but incite even more hate crimes against the LGBTI community in Africa.

The Sunday Sun is owned by SA media giants, Media 24 and is one of the the fastest growing newspaper in the country with substantial influence – The Sun of SA….

Please take the time to sign the petition calling for the sacking of Jon Qwelane and to write to the paper’s editor Linda Rulashe ( & cc the senior general manager for RCP Media Sarel du Plessis (