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Hate speech kills




  1. What’s this about? What did the Sun do?

    Brians last blog post..Seun Kuti

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    Brian @ see yesterday’s post “Appalling Homophobia”

  3. Hate speeches is a problem. That is why I solute those who stands for equality. Such as in this poem:

    If African American Speeches Did Not Exist

    If African American Speeches did not exist.
    Then the speech I have a dream
    By Rev. Martin Luther King
    Would not have become Americas civil rights theme
    What Frederick Douglass stated
    Which would have been a lost
    Stand by those princple
    Be true to them, On all occasions
    In all places, Against all foes
    at whatever cost

    If African American Speeches did not exist
    Booker T. Washington Could not insist
    That the laws of changeless justice
    Bind oppressor with oppressed
    And close as sin and suffering joined
    We march to fate abreast
    Sojourner Truth Ain’t I a woman
    Would not have been heard
    nor Shirley Chisholm or Rosa Parks
    Most eloquent famous words

    If African American Speeches did not exist
    The different cultures in the world, would not have met
    Langston Hughes or Mary Mcleod Bethune,
    WEB Du Bois, just to name a few
    Thurgood Marshall against the Supreme Court Judges
    And now Barack O’bama’s Speech
    when he accepted the Democratic endorsement

    If African American Speeches did not exist
    Where would we be as a society
    This poem could not even fit
    Because this is an African American Speech
    Through the art of poetry