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Demolishing Naipaul

St Lucian poet and Noble Prize winner, Derek Walcott pulverizes VS Naipaul at a literary festival in Jamaica – I had so much pleasure reading this since I am unlikely to ever meet Mr Naipaul I was satisfied with the image of him squirming in his seat having his Biswas knocked off his arrogant face. The piece is let down by the use of “cunt” by Walcott and “bitchy” by the article author – expletives too far and very Naipaulish……..

“I’m going to be nasty,” announced Walcott at the end of an enthusiastically received reading session, and proceeded to read “The Mongoose”, a long, vituperative poem which opened with the couplet: “I have been bitten. I must avoid infection/Or else I’ll be as dead as Naipaul’s fiction.”