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2 Ugandan LGBTI activists arrested

Last Thursday two Ugandan activists, Oundo George and Kiiza, were arrested in Kampala. Both activists have not been charged and are still in custody despite the legal time limit of 48 hours.

According to a spiritual advisor who had access to Oundo George in police custody, both are to be charged with attempt to recruiting people into homosexuality, in spite of this not being a crime under Ugandan law. Amnesty International considers both Oundo George and Kiiza to be prisoners of conscience, arrested solely for their gender identity.

The LGBT human rights defenders were arrested at Oundo George’s home and then taken to Nalukolokolo Police Post before being transferred to Nabweru Police Post the next day. Other LGBT human rights defenders are afraid to visit them at the police station, as they have received reports they may also be detained if they do so. Oundo George has diabetes and requires urgent medical care. He also has swollen feet and feels unwell.

Amnesty International is calling for supporters to please take action – see here for more details.

Last week in Nigeria, The House of Rainbow along with their pastor Rev Jide Macaulay was outed by a local tabloid the PM News. This has now been followed by the Sun putting Rev Jide and his congregation with no protection and at serious risk of hate attacks.

Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa, LGBTI are under attack and having to live in fear – fear from unlawful arrest, rape, murder, beatings, loss of their homes and livelihoods all in the name of Christianity, Islam, culture, tradition none of which stand up to even the most minuscule of scrutinies.