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Marriage equality and civil rights

This essay by Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán makes the link between civil rights and marriage equality with a plea for voters in three US state, California, Florida and Arizonia to vote against amendments which would outlaw same gender marriage. Although directly addressing people in the US, Timoteo Bodhran words speak to those in Africa and elsewhere who continue to deny the existence of same gender loving people and the right to “same gender marriage equality”

We remember that our ancestors, Indigenous, African, and immigrant were enslaved and denied through various laws the right to marry, because we were seen as unhuman, heathens, merely property and labor.

We remember that our ancestors were denied entry into the country and residence in the country as full families due to xenophobic laws that only wanted single workers that would stay temporarily and be worked to death.

We remember that until 1967, in various parts of the U.S. it was illegal for our multiracial ancestors to legally marry, due to anti-miscegenation laws that tried to keep white blood pure, white wealth separate, and to prevent our communities of color from working together, with each other, and with anti-racist whites.

We remember how our traditional honoring of relationships and ways of forming extended, women-led, and same gender families were outlawed, killed, written out of our memories by racist laws.

And we remember the millions of families ripped apart by war, genocide, boarding schools, colonial occupation of our landbase, and enslavement………Continued


Bigotry disguised as religious truth