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Nigerian blogger arrested

Via Committee to Protect Bloggers and Nigerian Curiosity


Nigeria’s State Security Service or SSS, the same intelligence agency that shut down Channels TV for legally broadcasting incorrect information about President Yar’Adua, is at it again.

Jonathan Elendu, the writer at Elendu Reports, was arrested by Nigeria’s SSS on Saturday evening upon arrival in Nigeria from the United States. Elendu was reportedly arrested to answer questions because his ‘activities’ have allegedly generated some national security issues. One publication specifically reported that Elendu was arrested for “sponsoring a guerilla news agency.”

He was held for over 24 hours before he was interrogated. A spokesperson for the SSS told the Nigerian media that the “rule of law” would be followed and that Elendu wold be given an opportunity to defend himself, saying,

“Mr. Jonathan Elendu was invited today to answer questions on matters concerning national security which has to do wtih his reports. [sic] We are following the rule of law in whatever we are doing. After the question and answer, we can now establish the facts why he was invited.”

It is not clear whether Elendu has been released or whether he will be held indefinitely. What is clear is that “other on-line publishers who are abroad run the risk of being arrested on their return to Nigeria.” Continue reading

The arrest of Jonathan Elendu is one in a long line of attacks against freedom of the press in Nigeria (arrests, harassments and murder of anyone critical of the government) and one which is particularly characteristic of military dictatorships the remnants of which continue to remain active in the country.



  1. Oz

    Please have your readers join the Nigeria Bloggers group on lets see if we can drum up some support.
    thanks Sokari as always

  2. The BBC and others have now picked this up, now lets watch our Nigerian media play catch up. Unless the oyinbo media speaks up about the mess in the ngn backyard, nobody back home will notice.

    Beautys last blog post..Arrested for blogging – Jonathan Elendu

  3. Freedom of Speech is a fundamental right that no leader can take away no matter how hard they try.

    This action by the Nigerian SSS does not show us in good light to the international community. Are we really practicing respecting HUMAN RIGHTS!