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Duanna Johnson murdered in Memphis

Last Sunday, Duanna Johnson, a transgender woman was found murdered in Memphis. Back in February she was brutally beaten by a Memphis police officer for refusing to respond to his transphobic taunting.

The report in Angry Brown Butch points out the discrepancy between the attention given to Duanna Johnson and that of Prop 8.

Yet still, the disparity in attention is damn stark. And that skew isn’t limited to this particular incident; it is a skew that is present in the collective coverage of and attention paid to all violence against trans women of color. And it is a skew that reflects what the GLb(t) mainstream chosen to prioritize with time, energy, and resources, and what it has chosen to address primarily with lip service and leftovers. An apt example of this: the Prop 8 op-ed written by Human Rights Campaign president Joe Solmonese communicates more anger, more commitment to an enduring fight for justice, more of a sense of giving a damn than his brief, comparatively tepid statement in HRC press release on Duanna Johnson’s death…..Continue reading

The family of Duanna Johnson need financial support for her funeral. For more information see here.