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Mapping world piracy

It seems piracy is not just a Somali phenomena.

This live piracy map shows details of piracy attacks across the world. There are three main cluster regions – the Horn of Africa, West Africa and the seas between north west India and Indonesia.

Live Piracy

An amazingly detailed map of piracy off the coast of Somalia

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  1. Hey there!

    I tried to access your blog over the last month or two and I thought it was closed!! Was it?

    Anyway…I’m here now!! (smiles)

    Thanks for writing about these pirate attacks…people are not taking this issue seriously but it IS a national security issue!

    BlackWomenBlowThe Trumpets last blog post..THE RECIPE FOR THE SELF-PRESERVATION OF BLACK WOMEN

  2. anengiyefa

    I saw this pirate map on the Internet a couple of weeks ago after reference was made to in on the BBC news. I was quite surprised by the number of pirate attacks in the Bight of Biafra, in Nigerian ports and waters, Cameroun, Equitorial Guinea and Gabon.

    Was news of those events suppressed? Or are these areas not worthy of mention in world news?