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Ushahidi mapping DRC confict

“Half-baked software” or not Ushahidi makes a timely deployment to map the conflict in the DRC

ushahidi DRC_1.jpg

The mobile number to send SMS reports to is +243992592111.

For more on the “fight for DRC resources” see this piece by Mandisi Majavu

It is reported that the cutback on tin production, which has forced tin buyers to rely on the metal from the DRC, is likely to remain in effect until the rest of the year. According to Reuters, the renewed fighting in the DRC has had a ‘disproportionately large effect on tin prices as international buyers increasing rely on the relatively small producer’ – the DRC as major producer Indonesia cuts output. “Benchmark tin prices on the London Metal Exchange (LME) closed at $15,225 per tonne on Wednesday, up 31 percent since Oct. 27, the day after heavily-armed rebel troops began marching toward major eastern city and tin trading centre Goma” says Reuters.

AFP reports that what prevented Laurent Nkunda and his men from completely taking over Goma was the UN peacekeeping forces, which used helicopter gunships to stall the rebel advance. The idea of Laurent Nkunda capturing the city of Goma makes global capitalists anxious to say the least Continued………………. .