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  1. anengiyefa

    In my view, it is erroneous to think of this as an attack against the Palestinian people as a whole. Few reports seem to mention the fact that Israel’s actions are in retaliation against rocket attacks by Hamas militants within Gaza; and that these Hamas rocket attacks affect mostly Israeli civilians.

    The state of Israel is entitled to defend her citizens, and if this means that she has to carry out air strikes against Hamas militants who threaten her citizens while strategically positioning themselves in civilian areas in Gaza, then so be it.

    Moreover, it is interesting that the Israeli attacks are focussed on Hamas controlled Gaza, whereas Gaza is just a small segment of the Palestinian territory.

  2. Comment by post author


    Not at all. Palestine has been under occupation and each year more and more of its lands have been occupied and stolen by the Israeli settlers until all that is left are two tiny strips of lands. Even without the vicious attacks taking place this past few days, GAZA has suffered from the Israeli blockade leaving it without electricity, food medical supplies etc You speak as if there is an equal relationship between the two when in fact there is not nor has there ever been. Israel actions are that of an imperial power seizing whatever lands it wants for its citizens at whatever costs to Palestinians. Its actions are also illegal under countless UN resolutions which Israel has never bothered to acknowledge. Before you make these assumptions please try to understand the background to this conflict rather than just buy into US/Israel propaganda.

  3. toomuch

    Oh please the Western media and white liberals are turning this into pro-Palestinian propaganda. Even the blog sphere is pro-Palestinian. I have yet to here about the rockets fired into Isreal, or the stories of Palestinians dieing due to faulty Hamas, home made rockets, or the suffering of Palestinian people by Hamas.

    The targets and majority of the victims are Hamas “security” forces. Plus we know how the Arab media loves to fudge numbers for global sympathy. I’m tired of everyone coming to the aid of Palestinians. Where were all the protests in the Arab world, over the genocide in Sudan?

    Why is it when Israel does something, the Arab world shouts genocide, massacre. Yet when Africans are being slaughtered like chickens, we here crickets, and people trying to deal with Darfur like it’s a massive publicity debacle.

    Black people need to stop thinking of everything in Black and White. Palestine is as much white as Israel is as much Brown. The Palestinians and other Arabs are not and have never been our friends. Yet we continue to be ignorant to their role in our persecution.

    It’s interesting how some Arabs have a completely different take on whats going on,

  4. Mark Quest

    I agree with Sokari fully and it is well said. It is just unthinkable of the magnitude or the scale the so call state of israel is taking against the people of Palestine. Note this as well – this war has a secret agenda and it will be exposed one of these days. Israel plans to remove Palestine from the map. Palestine always existed. The people of Palestine consist of Christians, Muslims and Jews (minority). The zions are causing all this tension in the region. The biblical – Children of Israel lived in harmony with the original state holders Palestine. British are to blame first hand. Just check the history. I just can’t carry on really….. it makes my blood boil. Israel is cursed for sure. Am just pissed off.

  5. anengiyefa

    @Sokari, I would not like to think of myself as one who is susceptible to propaganda. The indisputable facts are these:

    The peace process between Israel and the Palestinians is hindered by Hamas, who have maintained a stance of obstinacy, and who have consistently refused to accept any measure of compromise whatsoever. Their hard-line refusal to recognise the state of Israel is the root-cause of their militancy, and of course, the resulting tough action by Israel to protect herself. More that 500,000 Israeli citizens live within range of Hamas rockets and naturally, there was a political imperative for Israel to attack Hamas.

    It is for good reason that Israel controls Gaza airspace, territorial water and offshore maritime access; and it is understandable that Israel would oppose an authority which stubbornly refuses to acknowledge her very right to exist. We should ask ourselves why it is Gaza, rather than the Fatah-controlled West Bank, that is subject to these Israeli attacks.

    Of course it cannot be disputed that genuine grievances exist on both sides of the divide between the Israelis and the Palestinians. But surely the way forward is compromise, as has been promoted by the moderate two-state solution articulated at the Annapolis Conference in November 2007, which was attended by the Palestinian president Fatah’s Mahmoud Abbas and the then Israeli Prime Minister Erhud Olmert, together with delegations from most major players of the international community and very significantly, the Arab League nations. This causes me to view Hamas as being more and more isolated with time. And let us not forget that large numbers of Palestinians, especially those in the West Bank, do not support Hamas.

  6. Comment by post author


    I know sandmonkey well and his pro US perspective on most things. And of course it is ridiculous to expect every Arab to have the same point of view and in fact it is exactly the fact that they havent that leaves Palestine isolated with out the support of other Arab countries. Egypt and Saudi Arabia are prime examples of this so SandMonkey is not alone.

    Since when do “Black people need to stop thinking of everything in Black and White.” Who exactly are these “Black People” . Nothing on this blog is ever viewed in simplistic black and white terms which is why I dont pander to your anti Arab view of the world.

    Whilst you are willing to raise Arab racism and role in slavery and use that as a pretext for supporting Israel you are clearly quite happy in buying into anti Arab and Muslim propaganda by white people including the openly racist Israeli towards both Arabs and non white Jews. Meanwhile conveniently forgetting their role in slavery and racism.

    Your argument is so tired, so negative, so nonconstructive and in reality far more black and white than anything written by myself.

    Are you really so narrow minded to believe that taking a position against Israeli / US imperialism indicates a support of Sudanese genocide in Darfur? What utter rubbish. Sudan’s actions in Darfur are the same damn actions as Israel in Palestine – does it mean one is ok because one is persecuting and murdering Arabs whilst the other is not because the perpetrators are Arabs and the victims Black? I dont know where you have been for the last few years but countless people and organisations including this blog have repeatedly taken the position that Sudan is guilty of genocide.

    What a distorted sick way of viewing the world you have

  7. Comment by post author


    I am too pissed off and angry right now/

    @anengiyefa I completely disagree with your position on this issue and I certainly am not surprised at the Telegraph’s position. As for all Palestinians not supporting Hamas – it may come as a surprise to know that not all Jews support Israel’s actions either!

    Think apartheid because there is no difference here – even Bishop Desmond Tutu who lived in apartheid SA was shocked when he went to Palesitine.

  8. Comment by post author


    anengiyefa @ apologies I lost your last comment in case you wish to post it again. Meanwhile I am unable to feel any sense of calm at this moment

  9. anengiyefa

    @Sokari, what I was saying is that my position on this issue is informed through a dispassionate and careful assessment and analysis of the facts, and my view is not tainted by sentiment. I tend to believe that merely decrying the brutality of Israel’s actions hardly serves any useful purpose.

    This conflict has persisted for so long because the parties concerned have failed to find compromise hitherto. The peace-process being proposed is an opportunity for a long-term resolution of the conflict, but Hamas’s obstinate refusal to cooperate stands in its way. Until some kind of settlement is achieved, Israel will continue to exercise its right to defend its citizens. It is not reasonable to expect Israel to sit back and do nothing while her citizens are being targeted with rockets from Gaza.

    If a large proportion of the Palestinian population are willing to accept the two-states solution, I fail to understand why Hamas should insist on pursuing the use of force against a much more powerful foe (Israel), a fight that Hamas will not and cannot win; and one in which the people of Gaza will continue to suffer as they are doing now. Compromise is what is called for here, and common sense too.

  10. Anonymous

    the palestinians are suffering for supporting hamas stupidity.Their leadership is underground,fanatics that they help shelter and cover with their own children and women.They were warned against sending the rockets over to isreal.There is a time for peace and atime for war,this is it.Reap what you saw