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Feminism, South Africa

Photos from AWID conference

2,200 women from across the world gathered together in Cape Town last month for the AWID conference [Association for Women’s Rights in Development]

|AWID march

South African feminists attending AWID strategised for several hours, facilitated by Pregs Govender, and resolved to build a stronger women’s rights movement in South Africa by reaching out to other feminists and womens rights activists and holding a SA feminist forum or a women’s convention to further strategise. All Photos by Zanele Muholi

More AWID photos here by Zanele

Links: Zanele Muholi @ Michael Stevenson Gallery



  1. I was trying to see if I made the pictures. I will not give up until I see me.

    The 1 in 9 Campaign was powerful. I put the video on youtube and on my blog.

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