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*** Two blogs by Nigerian women I have recently begun to read regularlyWaffarian on confused Christian morality and child pornography. Waffy’s post was a response to a post on a another great blog, “It was so much easier when I only had one” (a sentiment I can very much relate to – raising 3 boys was a rollacost journey!]. SolomonSysdelle has been talking with a woman who found child pornography on her husband’s computer.

***Winston Zulu reflects on his experiences of physical disability, discrimination, and the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS.

I will not attempt to answer the difficult question of why some people react with such revulsion at the sight of a person with a certain disability. I still do not understand why whole societies stigmatise and discriminate against persons with disabilities when compassion and understanding is what is most needed. I have often wondered whether my presence brings to the fore the reality that everyone is vulnerable to disability, either through illness or accident. Or that, in fact, even a very long and healthy life can eventually lead to disability.

***In July this year, Jon Qwelane published a hateful homophobic piece in the South African tabloid, Sunday Sun. He is now to face the Equality Court over his hate speech article

***The Arab world’s dirty little secret – Racism

We are a racist people in Egypt and we are in deep denial about it. On my Facebook page, I blamed racism for my Cairo Metro argument and an Egyptian man wrote to deny that we are racists and used as his proof a programme on Egyptian Radio featuring Sudanese songs and poetry!

That’s like a racist white American denying he’s a racist because he listens to rap and some of his best friends are black.

***Richard Pithouse from Abahlali reviews “Damming the Flood: Haiti, Aristide and the Politics of Containment