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Human Rights Violations on Kenya’s Transgender Community

Audrey Mbugua is a member of the “Transgender Education and Advocacy”, an organization recently formed in Kenya to address social injustices committed on the Kenya’s transgender community. The Kenyan transgender community face intolerance and hostility much of which is based on ignorance of transgenderism some basics concepts such as the difference between religious fundamentalism, sexism, social conservatism and the lack of legal integration of transgendered people

In this article she discusses the social, legal, health and religious mechanisms which create anti-transgender motivated oppression and which can be used to formulate policies that creating understanding and tolerance of transgender individuals, punish those who perpetrate violence and discrimination on transgender people. Audrey believes that lives of transgender people in Kenya is a “legimitate one that needs to be urgently addressed”…….

because of the conflation of transgenderism and homosexuality, the common fallacies that come out when we look into the history of “transgender hate” oppression is that it’s mostly labeled as “gay hate” oppression. But, on a closer look, a vast majority of these “gay hate” crimes are actually atrocities done on Kenya’s transgender community.

Transgendered people in Kenya have always been part of the Kenyan society since time immemorial. Transgenderism and transsexualism like homosexuality are a source of great phobia in our society. Although the Kenyan Constitution does not criminalize transsexualism and transgenderism, there are both institutionalized and non-institutionalize forms of discrimination pervading in Kenya.

Read “Human Rights Violations on Kenya’s Transgender Community” By Audrey Mbugua; Transgender Education and Advocacy, 2009.

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  1. Maina

    Audrey you are on the right track tans so much for being our voice of hope. being gay, lesbian, transsexual is no criminal offense or a a violation of human rights but our choices and who we are strongly protected by the universal declaration of human rights which as the mother of all laws.Our forces especially the police have been archaic since time immemorial but why?The current legislature and their curriculum and exposure has never been dynamic it is always been the pre 1945 law that characterized Jews as those to be killed and it has never been changed. believe the first step and perhaps what could be final blow to this nonsense especially by the public and the police is via legislation.