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Happy birthday Uncle Bob

“Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe prepares to celebrate his birthday in lavish style, as the country requests $2bn in aid.” Read the rest here:

A slightly frivolous question perhaps, but who is invited and who is not? Also, if you haven’t read Ngugi’s hefty tome The Wizard of the Crow, you should. It’s tragic when you can still recognize some of his “fictional” characters.

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  1. 85 years of life is always worth celebrating, irrespective that in this particular case the birthday boy is an unpopular tyrant who has driven the fortunes of his country into a ditch. Perhaps now that he’s turned 85 he will see some sense in stepping back from the political frontline, however slightly, providing the opportunity for fresh political talent to see the light of day in Zimbabwe. There are cobwebs everwhere that are begging to be swept away…

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