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Snow White’s slap stung!
Not of The Seven Dwarfs,
Hell no! Far older than that. What did I do?
Nothing short of saying,
‘Sorry doll, I don’t do shipwrecks,’ & heck like a
Bad rash SD flared up!
‘If it took shackles to drag you out, I would!’ said SD, her head of bleached out blonde hair making of her a medusa at full tilt.
An insult to a black persön for sure:
Rage, calm I felt both then neither & SD was prove… Living, breathing,
With her racist’s consciousness seeping through like rancid pus.
‘Is this what reality is?’
Brixton, Port-au-Prince, Gaza?
Perhaps of a kind, perhaps? Or just another mishap?
Mia Nikasimo (c) January 2009