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The Eudy Simelane trials starts today

act to end hate

act to end hate


Dipika Nath of HRW will be blogging on the trial with regular updates

Over five hundred activists from across the country will gather at the Delmas Circuit Court in Mpumalanga from 11 to 13 February 2009 to attend the trial that led to the murder Eudy Simelane, an open lesbian and rights activist.

Simelane, a former national Banyana Banyana soccer player, was tragically killed and her body discovered near a ditch in her Kwa-Thema home township on April 28 last year. Five men were initially arrested and one was released in October following over a dozen court hearings at the Springs Magistrate Court. Four men stand trial and will be asked to plead to the charges of robbery, murder and possibly rape.

Activists from a broad range of social structures, including the 777 Campaign to End Hate, the Treatment Action Campaign, the African National Congress from Kwa-Thema and Delmas, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) network — the Joint Working Group — will be among the hundreds demonstrating outside the court and following the proceedings.

This case is only one of two cases in the country that has reached trial into a brutal murder of a black lesbian from a township, following the Zoliswa Nkonyana’s case that began in December 2008 at the Khayelitsha Magistrate Court, despite over 30 known cases across South Africa that involve rape, assault and even murder of LGBTI people. Activists have been raising their voices against hate crimes targeting particularly black lesbians and calling for measures to recognize and stop this growing spate against yet another vulnerable group in society.


  1. My thoughts are with Eudy Simelane’s family, friends and supporters who are demonstrating outside the courts.

    May Justice be done.

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    Thank You – I sincerely hope so too!