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Word Press seriously messed up my formatting of this poem but now I kind of like that it reads differently.

I am going after a heart that migrated over the times
And creating an effigy of a tear-man that has remained unwritten
I will burn
In a hollow shout of how things are not
The Way
that they should be Femme et homme…

Your documented construction fills every last bit of me except
That small spot of pain that we whitewashed before this even began
The place in each of us that the other promised not to touch
And it lies in me open in me and living in me and pulsing in me and
Pain in me Moi la femme…

Love-shy run from me my run-on dream cowardly burning man stay at this coast of mine that oozes purple rain and green fire grains of sand between my teeth and your anger in mine eye
Crazy runaway man from whom I am walking away
I leave you in the care of a whore and a friend
To love and to cherish
To replace and to make forget
Until death brings me back to you Toi la faiblesse…

And only for one moment will I cry tighten myself in the arms of my mother who will breathe life back into my gasping chest
I took this courage in my hand and it slipped from me but
In that brief moment of strength I immortalized you
And You Are that You Are La faiblesse d’une femme.

Annette Quarcoopome©


  1. Mia Nikasimo

    I love the vibrance in your word play; your poem, Annette! I observed the same situation with my poems but I would not withdraw thm as a result. Do we say thanks, here that Word Press, inadvertently invited a differnt way of reading; a sort of creative twist and welcome it with jubilant hands? Withdrawing work would be counter productive, wouldn’t you agree?

  2. Mia is right..
    .-= easy programming´s last blog ..Tentative definitions =-.