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A bother with two

Passengers stand
Packed sardine, crabby.
A mother bothered by life Catering for two kids
Tends her wounds on edge. ‘Hold on to the bar, hon,’ She said to one of her daughters, abusively.
‘Do not touch that man.’
Two “gay” people (a man And a woman) amuse
Themselves silly as of old. I can understand homo
-phobes, what is yours?
They chose ‘the talking cure’ which wasn’t new, was it?
Birds of a feather, flock 2gether after Eulij Blinde’s illness. I lose myself in Stephen Parr’s “Bonningate”. Somehow it shields me
From your cutting turrent.
A while past as time does
Then I lit a candle on an
Xmas tree early in spring.
No, I’m not a man, dear,
No, I’m not a leper either.
Mum’s having a bad day that’s All. I’m a passenger Like you and your life “worn” mother!

Mia Nikasimo (c) March 2009