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No gays in Nigeria

Nigeria’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Chief Ojo Madueke, told a meeting of the UN officials in Geneva that there were no visible gay people in the country and no registered organisations.

“During our National Consultative Forum, we went out of our way to look for gay, lesbian and transgender groups but we could not come across Nigerians with such sexuality”,

Not surprising as the government announced it would arrest all homosexuals when and if found…Continued.


  1. Of course there are no gays, because anyone who says he is gay is promptly arrested, that is after he has beaten up first by an angry mob! Ojo Madueke is a disgrace to Nigeria’s leadership, indeed to all Nigerians, if this is the sort of person who attains a position of leadership in the country. And while I may be sounding harsh towards him personally, even if he was only a messenger he ought to be smart enough to know that there can be no truth in that statement and he should not have had to put his name to it.

    anengiyefas last blog post..It is illegal to be left-handed

  2. Oh my. I read that some days ago and tagged it for a post that I actually wrote but chose to not publish because of how embarrassing it was.

    I could send him some names, but considering the environment in Nigeria, that would not be such a good thing, now would it?

    How are you Sokari?