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Uganda – protection from homosexuals

How far will homophobes go in their quest to deny people the right to express their sexuality? The latest invention comes from Uganda and shows how little understanding their is around sexuality and sexual identity in the country. Instead their approach is to view same sex relationships and transgender/transsexuals as some kind of unwanted disease and or cult that can be treated or beaten out of individuals. With people’s lives and livelihood at stake – who knows what kind of witch hunt will take place in schools and colleges as young people are sought out by parents and institutions.

Family Life Network and other stakeholders in Uganda have organized a three-day seminar to provide what they termed as reliable and up to date information so that people can know how to protect themselves, their children, families from homosexuality.

According to the Executive Director Family Life Network, Stephen Langa, the seminar will aim at provide insight on the causes and treatment of homosexuality and provide practical tips on how to prevent homosexuality behavior in youth.

It will also expose the homosexual agenda, their tactics, strategy and methods of recruitment and provide information and guidelines on how to respond to the homosexual agenda in an organization, community or nation. Continued