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Black Hawk down – flying pirates flags high

Whilst the distinction between who are the real bandits [those dumping nuclear waste and stealing fish or those seajacking ships for ransom taxes] operating in and around Somali waters, the US is threatening to attack Somali pirate bases. The pirates are threatening to take revenge. Part of the US plan which sounds completely ridiculous and a non-starter (does the US ever learn?) is to

“…………aid the fledgling Somalia government to train security forces and develop its own coast guard, said the officials, who requested anonymity. The plans will be presented to the Obama administration as it considers a coordinated U.S. government and international response to piracy, the officials said.”

Maybe they (the US) could just nuke Somalia? We also need to think about who is eating the fish in these waters of nuclear waste. If it’s Somalis’ then it’s OK – a kind of slow nuclear death. If it’s anyone else well that is really scary. We all know how much more important Western lives are compared to Iraqis, Afgans and Somalis. Since Black Hawk & the Battle for Mogadishu the US and the rest of the West hasn’t cared a damn what happens in Somalia. Now it’s back on their agenda they resort to their tried and failed tactics of guns and bombs.

K’naan points out the money making opportunities here and some truths the US and the rest need to wake up to.

Now Somalia has upped the world’s pirate attacks by ove r21 percent in one year, and while NATO and the EU are both sending forces to the Somali coast to try and slow down the attacks, Blackwater and all kinds of private security firms are intent on cashing in. But while Europeans are well in their right to protect their trade interest in the region, our pirates were the only deterrent we had from an externally imposed environmental disaster. No one can say for sure that some of the ships they are now holding for ransom were not involved in illegal activity in our waters. The truth is, if you ask any Somali if they think getting rid of the pirates only means the continuous rape of our coast by unmonitored Western vessels, and the production of a new cancerous generation, we would all fly our pirate flags high.

And one reason why this isn’t going to work and America is no longer the master – fear is!

“The man who is not afraid to die will always be your master.” That applies, above all, to prosperous, sybaritic, modern western societies, which no longer have any appetite for sacrifice and suffering. Is it any wonder we are mighty but weak at once?