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G20Voices – NGO Bloggers Meetup

Too tired and not really much to add to my twitters and previous posts.

Opening by Oxfam and their demands on the outcome of the G20:

*Rescue package for poor countries –

*Ending tax havens

*Global governance reform

*Action on Climate Change and Greening the Economy as part of the “New Global Deal”

From poverty to power – a futher statment by Oxfam on the 4 areas which they want action.

*Commodity prices, manufacturing and trade, remittances and aid budgets

No mention of Debt Cancellation

First round table of small discussions – held an Africa perspectives one which developed quickly into a discussion on aid. The positions were fairly predictable with myself and Daudi (read his posts) essentially taking the “Dead Aid” position and non-Africans taking a continuing of aid though eventually conceding that it hasn’t worked but doubtful about the will or ability for African leadership to change significantly to develop alternative strategies. Personally I have more faith in the people of Africa to begin to call their leaders to account and force them to act in the interest of Africans and Africa rather than themselves and the West. Its a matter of time plus a great deal of anger and hope = change.

Discussion around blogging and using social media and how to take discussions offline –

A group of 5 of us left for the City – photos up on WebWandering more added later. A great deal of rubbish is being broadcast on the protests which are peaceful and where there are scuffles it is because the police are penning people in and generally being heavy handed.