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Somalia investigation into Italian aid fronting for toxing dumping

An investigation exposing an international scheme to bring waste from the West and dump it in Somalia and into the murder of journalist, Ilaria Alpi who along with her camera man, Miran Hrovatin was murdered whilst investigating arms trafficking and the illegal disposal of toxic waste.

Part 1

Part 2


  1. Rooble

    This is a drop water in a sea of what is happening in the Somali’s lawless country and its sea. Despite all the international bylaws and orders, those companies continue their illegal activities under cover.

    I believe this should be dealt with before we talk about Piracy and stuff like that.

    I still insist this should not be an excuse for anyone to do a piracy in the sea.

  2. Comment by post author


    I agree Rooble – The focus continues to be piracy by Somalis rather than the far worse international piracy which has huge long term repercussions for Somalia’s environment and the arms smuggling which feeds so much conflict in Africa and elsewhere.