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AWID online exhibition: “Defending our futures”


Portrait artist and cultural activist, Gabrielle Le Roux and Sipho Mthathi, poet and activist both based in Cape Town have created a wonderful exhibition of some of the participants at last years AWID Forum in Cape Town. The women in the portraits either volunteered themselves or nominated each other in a process of “naming and honouring” each other’s work and life, resisting and speaking truth to power.

Gabrielle drew the movement-builders portraits from life in this space so the exhibition took shape during the days of the conference. Each woman was invited to write and draw directly onto her own portrait, making her mark and sharing insights and symbols that were precious and meaningful to her, she also wrote more about herself on a separate sheet of paper.

Sipho interviewed them about their lives and work away from the noise. The process provided a dynamic and unique reflection of the diversity of participants, capturing examples of best practice in the field of movement building as well as providing another platform through which women activists can engage with the broad spectrum of current questions facing them as movement builders.

View the online exhibition here

Gabrielle also has an exhibition “Living Ancestors” at the London Docklands Museum which runs until the end of July AND another online exhibition here on BlackLooks – Sexuality and Social Justice