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Former gay activist, George, denouces his friends and colleagues.

The homophobia crusade continues in Uganda as “former” gay activist George (previously known as Georgina) adds his voice to those denouncing the LGBTI community as unAfrican and predators. Worse than that he has contributed to the outing of many in the Ugandan LGBT community and therefore put their lives and livlihoods at very serious risk.

In this video he claims young men and women are actively recruited by lesbian and gay men. What is shocking and sad is that George was a former gay activist who knows very well what its like to be the victim of this horrendous campaign. He himself was one of two activists arrested and interrogated last September by the police. It was after this incident that Ugandan LGBT activists had to go into hiding or exile. Cary Johnson of ILGHRC explains how other activists searched and searched for George during this period…..

Uganda Homophobia campaign

George seems to have decided that local and international activists didn’t do enough to help him, and has since used his intimate knowledge of the community to target and attack. With the help of Ugandan religious leaders, particularly the conservative FLN, he has “outed” dozens of individuals and destroyed countless lives, careers and families.

Oundo seems to be making the most of his 15 minutes of fame. In phone calls to members of the Ugandan LGBT community, Oundo admits that his claims to be an “ex-gay” are an elaborate facade developed to further his own personal ambitions and to please his current handlers. One can only hope that Oundo will not have sold out so many of his former friends, bartered so much of his soul, and caused so much violence that there will be no LGBT community left for him to return to.

The Ugandan government is currently considering legislation that may increase already extreme criminal penalties for consensual homosexual relationships and make LGBT organizing and “recruitment,” whatever that might be, illegal.