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Hear Us! Zimbabwean women speak on political violence

In 2008, the Zimbabwean government unleashed a wave of politically movitated violence against women. Between May and July some 2000 women were raped by militia, many of these were gang rapes, whilst others have been tortured and imprisoned. To date 500 The violence continues despite the so called “Unity” government and only this week, activists who had been released from prison including Jestina Mukokowere again ordered to return.

In Hear Us! is a truly powerful testimony to the courage and strength of Zimbabwean women.

They beat me and lifted me up. If I fainted they poured water on me. I fainted three times. They continued beating me. I was crying, ‘Mother, I am dying.’ They said, ‘Does anyone have a knife?’ Someone said, ‘Yes.’ And they said, ‘Bring it here. In the coming elections, you shall not vote; you have already voted.'” – Zimbabwean woman”

Hear Us! is produced by the Research and Advocacy Unit[RAU] and Witness.

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