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Assault on Dissent, Palestine

Palestinian Nakba: His name was Basem

Today is Nakba – The anniversary of the creation of Israel. A day of mourning for Palestinians. A day to remember loss of land and destruction of property, displacement, wars, separation of families, refugees, statelessness, poverty, death, in short a Catastrophe.


Death comes easy where their is no respect for life – Basem’s life exemplifies the thousands of Palestinians who have died under occupation by the guns of Israel

Basem woke Hamis and gave him his medicine, then off he went to visit another friend in the village who is ill with cancer. Then a little girl from the village wanted a pineapple but couldn’t find any in the local stores. So Basem went to Ramallah to get a pineapple and was back before noon for the Friday prayers and the weekly demonstration against the theft of our land by the apartheid wall. Pheel never missed a demonstration; he participated in all the activities and creative actions in Bilin. He would always talk to the soldiers as human beings. Before he was hit he was calling for the soldiers to stop shooting because there were goats near the fence and he was worried for them. Then a woman in front of him was hit. He yelled to the commander to stop shooting because someone was wounded. He expected the soldiers to understand and stop shooting. Instead, they shot him too. Continue Reading Basem’s Life

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