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1,987 posts later……………….

Ups and downs, here there and everywhere. Cant think of much else to say…

“……….we are surrounded by messages, products of political power, of economic power, of the entertainment industry and the revolution industry, and to say that, we must know how to analyze and critise them”

Umberto Eco “Travels in Hyperreality”

Reminding me of my startup days in Spain – Drawing by Lance Tooks

Ana Sacarmonte

My first post “Peace” in Niger Delta? June 4th 2004

Thanks to all guest bloggers past and present!


  1. jke


    Mine (4th year) is also due by the end of this month.

    How many times have you changed the layout of your blog?
    And do you still feel this blogging mojo from 2004 or 2006?

  2. Comment by post author


    thanks – my original design got corrupted and ever since I have been trying to get it fixed but no luck so I keep changing designs till I can get it fixed or get something that appeals to me – its a pain and I dont even like this one except its got black in the design. No the blogging mojo is not so great these days and its harder to keep things going but then I cant stop either 🙂