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Gratitude 1

Here with gratitude to
All transgender, gender
-Queer & gendered Alike,
Listen up people: nobody
Knows anything they do
Not acknowlegde out of
Fear. Do not judge
Anything from a position
Of fear. There is always
Something new beneath
The face of heaven,
Always, always, always.
Here with gratitude to
Say what we have all
Long suspected but darn’t
Openly or outwardly
Speak lest we are found
Wanting & undesirably so.
Under the aegis of age old
Trade in humans for gain
Easel’s new treasures
Emerged for us to see.
On display the imps of ire:
The fear of failure,
onstructed supremacy,
The down turned gazes
At the private viewing
That lay present, proud.
Forever courageously
Flowing within my family:
My gender free brothers,
My gender free sisters,
The gender attached
Others too forgetfully
Unaware of their own
Passionate prejudices
Will talk when their
Guards are down, down, Down.


  1. Geoffrey Philp

    Speak truth, yes!

  2. lol, nice one ^^

  3. Mia Nikasimo

    Truth speaks for itself. The consideration is for humanity as ‘me in you and you in me…’ The universe in us all irrespective of our personal identity is us in the universe and not the dualistic noose of those that qualify over the unqualified. Perhaps a quote from Ben Okri will suffice to make the point: “… We praise our capacity for reason, but are unreasonably intolerant of other people’s validity, and reasons”. (see Mental Fight by Ben Okri) What I’m hinting at is that, truth is not a stagnant water hole.