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Gratitude 2

“My mother would
Say, ‘those gay people
Are unnatural…’ just a
Product of her time”.
My Attention asked of her
Thoughts hidden behind
Unspoken present angst:
yalo -the masculine woman,
Ito -the Transgender man,
Julio -The transman, the sworn
Fag hag armed with his
Perky breasts to boot
Are examples to us all
Who do or who do not
Inhabit gender variant
Space. Normative gender
In it’s paranoid
Restriction aims to rob us
All of diversity if not our
Very lives. “I love this woman,
Or what is sh…”
“A woman; a transwoman!” said agent
Provocateur, Easel Pastel.
“Sh looks too masculine though,
Don’t you think?” “A woman!” I said
Sternly, almost alarmed.
“Specifically; a woman.
Women come in all
Shapes & sizes. Nobody is
An Island, no man or
Woman, no Island fare”.
Nobody knows diversity
Until they come face to
Face with it without fear.