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Living Ancestors

Gabrielle’s centenarians
Brings our ancestors to us

What can I say? wow
I think of growth and hope
Dignity wisdom and love

I feel the forays
In road from the Impasse
Of youth caught up

In stuff, caught up in stuff
I thought about folk, my
Grandparents, ancestors

I heard all the unvoiced
calls in our minds as we
revelled in their sharing

If only we can emulate
This age old tradition of
Truly living no deception

May we live such full lives
May we live as preciously
May we go beyond

The rigidity of three
Scoress and ten going so
As far s our lives ordain

“Live” I heard these
Strong women saying. I’m
moved, truly moved.

Thank you so, Gabrielle
Mia Nikasimo (c) June’09