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Mia’s Poems


If you’d place yourself in my shoes you’d spin your lyrics differently,
If you’d dance fire dance to expunge those “rat race antics” go on dance,
If you’d stop yourself rather than boast that your lifestyle is superior to mine,
If you’d think you wouldn’t and mean that you wouldn’t bulk yourself up to make someone feel that you are more entitled than they are,
If you would treat a stray cat like you want to be treated you would live longer,
If you’d see me as I see you in me you’d breathe easy,
If you’d even tried to picture me, you’d walk down the street without hanging your head in dismay before the wor,
If you did, you’d shine despite the attempts to drag you down;
If you try putting yourself in my shoes and see how the going goes in then the future would be brighter,
If you open your mind, you’d find higher consciousness is the goal; life is the vehicle but only if…

Mia Nikasimo (c) June 2009


Because even you are Human,
Because you are my Sister,
Because you are my Brother,
Because, only if u allowed Yourself, we could be pals,
Because, in a past life, you
Were my mother,
Because, looking through Eons of the ether, you Were my father,
Because you’ve been all Creatures to arrive here,
Because we all Interconnected…

I’ll reach out to you all the
Same, you and I.


Because all creatures are bright and beautiful no matter their surface seas.

Mia Nikasimo (c) May 2009