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Guest Blogger, Poetry

A joke?

Heat rashes populate my
Body nightly, rash bubble
Upon my otherwise flaw- Less skin setting me
on blazes

Of angry nettle weilds.
You found the solution.
Ice cold, heat made of Scorching, red hot heat.

Rashes with a lick of lava;
‘You look like a juju man’
She said seeing the
Damage written on my

Face, “it’s only a joke!” is
All the succour she offers.
‘It’s only a joke, babes’
She said. ‘You can’t live

With Linton Hives, can
You.’ Her prejudices kick
In with more than a jolt.
‘Can we talk, sweetie?’
Said I.

‘You look like a juju man’
Said a t-lesbian’s love -in
A passing joke. It stang so. Still a ticking bomb!

She busied herself
Instead of talking. She put
Her all into tommorow.
Afterall, she was “joking!”

‘What, a joke?’ Said I on
constant trial.
‘If I’m a juju man what
Does that say about you?
If you only you knew the
trauma caused?

Every exclusion wins out,
Evidence is a thin horizon
Especially when madam
Was so busy; if only she

Mia Nikasimo (c) July ’09