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Anti immigration in UK grows – throw them to the sharks

Yesterday the BNP leader, Nick Griffin, suggested boats carrying illegal immigrants between North Africa and Europe should be sunk.

Pressed on what should happen to those on board, he said: “Throw them a life raft and they can go back to Libya”.

Today the Labour government moves ever closer to the BNP agenda with this latest anti-immigration plan. UK plans to build jails in Nigeria to house 400 Nigerian UK prisoners.

British taxpayers are to provide £1million for a comfortable jail in Nigeria to take convicts whose crimes were committed in the UK.

The prison would house 400 Nigerian inmates incarcerated in our own packed prisons who cannot be forcibly sent home to complete their punishments.

Jails there are considered so rough that any prisoner the UK tried to deport could oppose their removal on human rights grounds.


  1. The issue of immigration in the UK is such an important subject.It is very sad that the BNP is gaining popularity because of its anti-immigration stance. It is especially sad because the UK has developed on the backs of immigrants, and London is often praised as the world’s most “multi-cultural” city. Wasn’t London’s “multi-multiculturalism” one of the reasons for winning the Olympics bid?

  2. blimeyslimey

    multi stuffed, cos now no-one knows how to do the morris dance, but we know how to do the greek thingy and the ballet and sing scots songss now that we are into the culture we smoke the wacky stuff and play the bongo and yet do you wver see a black morris man with his little pinny, it sucks.

  3. Comment by post author


    blimeyslime@ was wondering how long it would take the racists to crawl out from where ever it is they hide. Oops I thought the Scots were part of Grand Britannia? It is not the presence of immigrants that have prevented English people from Morris dancing or playing English traditional instruments – so why not start a revival and get people morrising and playing the pipe and bells!

  4. I’m even surprised that blimeyslime chose this particular venue to display his/her myiopic vew. What kind of response was he/she expecting I wonder..?

    What would these BNP people eat when all the kebab shops and Chinese and Indian fast food places in London have closed down and all those enterprising immigrants have had to swim back to where they came from? lol
    .-= anengiyefa´s last blog ..Garuba 11 =-.

  5. Comment by post author


    Amengiyefa@ Hmm I think my response was quite mild all things considered 🙂 Morris dancing my foot / feet lol

  6. chapalot1

    These people just cannot compete in our society. let us refer back to Plato who said “you cannot distribute equality among uneqals”